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May. 22nd, 2008

03:06 pm - Two years in a strange country

Yesterday marked exactly two years since Paul and I arrived in London. After a couple of months of travelling around we eventually made London our home and got jobs and a place to live. Although it took me quite a while to settle, when I look back over my blog, I see regular visits to galleries and museums and cool shops and I think we really do enjoy what London has to offer culturally. I often have a list in my diary of all the exhibitions that are on that I want to see. This weekend I'm planning to go to the  Tate Modern for the Duchamp, Manray, Picabia exhibition (which ends Monday), and a bunch of other things that are on including a show there Saturday night where a slide show of  Nan Golden's photography will be accompanied by music by Patrick Wolf and John Kelly. Next Tuesday night we're going to see Saul Williams and next Thursday I'm going to a bookclub at the Women's library (I've got to finish Beloved by Toni Morrison before then!). We're also thinking of going to see a show of  Shaolin monks performing, with sets designed by Antony Gormley. London is cool! Now, I just have to take advantage of what London has to offer jobwise (I'm working on it).

Please visit me at Zinegeek.

Mar. 22nd, 2007

12:18 pm - Where have I been?

I haven't been posting here much lately but that's not because I'm not online.

I am posting personal blogs at zinegeek and feminist blogs at spinsterzine.

For a while I was posting my blogs to both livejournal and zinegeek but I'm not sure if I will continue to do this. We'll see.


Mar. 7th, 2007

10:00 pm - China blocks livejournal

The Chinese government began blocking access to the popular blogging site LiveJournal on Friday, cutting off its citizens from the roughly 1.8 million blogs the service hosts.

See Wired for more.

Mar. 5th, 2007

02:46 pm - Guerrilla Girls, feminist art and dinner with friends.

Had a good weekend. Went to see the Guerrilla Girls on Tour with Paul and Renee. Read my review of it on my new feminist site, Spinsterzine.

On Saturday night we went out for dinner with Thomas and Daniel and Thomas’ friend Michelle and her partner. We had yummy yummy Chinese food in China Town. It was a nice night. And we’ve been invited to Daniel’s housewarming at the end of the month.

I got a couple of cool art magazines on Saturday: Artnews and Frieze. Both have a lot of information about feminist art exhibitions happening at the moment in the US.

I am currently listening to Beck’s latest album The Information. I am also planning on getting some of the Gossip’s albums because they sound great.

Current Music: Beck - The Information

Mar. 1st, 2007

12:10 am - Sew excited!

I have just received the news that I have won a sewing machine in a competition in Popular Patchwork magazine. It is a Brother Innov-is 400 with 294 built in stitches, 10 different styles of button holes and heaps of other features. I’m very excited about learning to sew (well, I’ve sewn little bits here and there, but have never done much).

It looks very sexy. I can’t wait to get it. To see a picture go to http://www.zinegeek.com/?p=80.

I started embroidering bits of material over the last year to hopefully make into a quilt one day. Maybe it WILL finally happen!

Current Mood: excitedexcited
Current Music: Girl Monster compilation from Chicks on Speed label.

Feb. 24th, 2007

05:27 pm - A week of cool mail!

Well, maybe ‘a WEEK of cool mail’ is a slight exageration but this week: the first issue of Paul’s New Scientist subscription arrived; and today, my member’s pack from the Tate arrived. Very exciting!

I’m excited about seeing the Gilbert and George exhibition at Tate Modern for free (it costs money to non members). I’m currently watching films about the exhibition.

Here’s a little blurb about Gilbert and George that I found on the Tate website:
Gilbert Proesch and George Passmore, known always by their first names, have been collaborating for over thirty years. They met while students at St Martin’s School of Art in 1967. They have worked in the media of video, performance, painting, drawing and photography. In 1970 they began calling themselves ‘living sculptures’ and, wearing conservative suits and striking statuesque poses, became the primary subjects of their art.

I’m also interested in seeing the Hogarth exhibition at Tate Britain.

I think the Tate website has pictures of all the art they own (over 65,000 pieces of art). You can do a search on an artist (or a piece of work) and look at lots of photos of their work. It’s pretty cool.

Feb. 23rd, 2007

01:19 pm - Best friends and Bosu and camera

On Tuesday, my bestest friend Lucy was in town. Unfortunately, she was only here for a couple of hours but I went into King’s Cross and met her and we had lunch and hung out in Camden. She now lives in Edinburgh and we should really go visit her soon. Especially as she’s planning to move to Glasgow later in the year (although, there’s no reason why we couldn’t visit her there!). But I also have a friend, Carol, who lives in Edinburgh so we could see them both.

Yesterday I went to the gym and did a Bosu class. Bosu stands for Both Sides Up and it involves doing various exercises on an inflated rubber hemisphere. I just went searching on the internet for info on Bosu and found some short promotional videos - I think from a company that makes the bosu. Only a couple of the films would work for me.

I’ve been working out at the gym regularly and really want to keep it up. I think I may have lost weight too. I measured around my waist, hips, bust and thighs the other night, wrote it down and will measure it again in a few weeks to see what happens! I’m not that concerned about losing weight, I just want to have more energy. Lack of energy has always been a big problem of mine.

On Wednesday I had an appointment at a local mental health clinic about my depression - it took a couple of months to be able to see someone. They recommended cognitive behaviour therapy, which has a six month waiting list! Public Health never gets enough money (especially mental health services). Paul has said he will pay for me to go private but I really need to get a job! It is getting tight just living on one wage. I’m so glad Paul is supportive and not hassling me to find any job - he has said I should only apply for jobs I want.

On Saturday night there’s a fundraiser for the London Zine Symposium that I might go to but Paul doesn’t finish work till 7pm. Lucy went to the London Zine Symposium last year and she said it was really good (it was on a month or two before I got here). I have been meaning to make a new zine for AGES so now I’m going to try to get it together by the zine symposium in April!

And yesterday I picked up our camera from being fixed. I spent an absolute FORTUNE getting it fixed so it better work - couldn’t check it yesterday because the batteries were flat. I’m going to check it now. Hopefully, there will be many new and regular photos from now on! And maybe I can illustrate my blog with gorgeous photos like my friend cherie does about her family and food!

And speaking of Cherie, I have finally read Kitchen by Banana Yoshimoto as recommended by Cherie many years ago (I picked it up for a pound at a Cancer Research op shop). I was so swiftly and lovingly reminded of Cherie and her love of eating and cooking (and all those meals she cooked for me in Brisbane, all those years ago!) by the first line in the book that she has on her foodie blog The Red Kitchen: The place I like best in this world is the kitchen. I still make some of the recipes she taught me!

Feb. 22nd, 2007

01:21 pm - Lunar eclipse, March 3

Paul just sent me a link to a great story about a lunar eclipse on March 3. The Moon will be a lovely shade of red. One of the reasons I like this story so much is that it really made me excited about the prospect of living on the Moon. I do often think that science fiction may one day become reality, and people could be living on the Moon, or on Mars, but I rarely get excited about the idea that I could be one of those people. Read the story!

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to see the eclipse in Eastern parts of Australia (where most of the people I know live). But here in London I’ll see it.

Feb. 13th, 2007

04:16 pm - myart and myzines and myspace

So I'm finally starting to get my art up on my site. Haven't got it all there but at least now I have some.

I still have heaps of stuff from my zines to put up too (articles and art from Ugly Duckling, Another Dental Visit, Tick the Appropriate Box and others). I'm also currently working on a zine (with a new name) which would be great to have it available for download here but still gotta see how my tech ability goes!

I have recently been adding lots of friends on myspace! At first I only wanted to 'add' people as friends if I was actually friends with them but have since decided to screw that - by having lots of people and collectives as friends, you can see their bulletins and read their blogs and find out about cool things going on: shows, callouts for art and articles, etc. And as my attempts to meet people here in a new country have been quite lame so far, I figure any help could be a good thing.

Whenever I used to hear people making fun of people who use internet dating sites or dating services I used to think it was quite unfair. I never felt I needed to use them to meet people but I couldn't see the harm in using a service to meet people if you are having trouble just meeting people in your everyday life. I've only moved towns twice in my life: once at the age of 17 to go to university (and it took me quite a while to make new friends) and then 9 months ago, to a new country on the other side of the world (London, UK). So, again, I have to meet new people, find new communities, etc. It's not easy. At least I know some people here. And coming with a partner has definitely gotta help keep loneliness at bay.

Anyway, it's Paul's birthday today so we are probably going to go into town this afternoon and maybe spend his birthday money from his parents. I bought him a subscription to New Scientist and the graphic novel, Marvel 1602 by Neil Gaiman. It's a superhero comic book set during the reign of Queen Elizabeth (the first!). It's supposed to be quite good and quite historically accurate (apart from the superheroes, I guess!).

Our new flatmate brought heaps more of his stuff on the weekend (he only had one suitcase full till then) so now we have an X Box, a Playstation 2 and a Wii. Before he went to work this afternoon we played guitar hero which is cool. And Paul has been playing sports games on the Wii (tennis, golf, boxing).

Feb. 11th, 2007

11:30 am - looking for employment

Paul's friend Stu is leaving us today to spend a week in Edinburg with his brother. Stu used to live there and he met his current girlfriend there (and she came from the Sunshine Coast, just up the road from Brisbane, where Stu came from!). I also found out that Stu spent the first ten years of his life in Rockhampton - I have a sister who lives just near there.

I have decided to look for a job in a bookshop, or in publishing. I love reading so much, I think this could be a good thing. Maybe I should find out how much people earn working in shops - I have a feeling it's probably not much.

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